Optical Photo Filters

Emolux range of optical photo filters are produced using optical grade glass housed in light weight aluminium filter frame. Only optical grade glass with a high level of parallelism are selected and used to ensure razor sharp images in every photography situation. Light weight aluminium filter frame undergo precision CNC machining process to ensure tight glass fitting and smooth rotation when mounted on Mirrorless and DSLR camera lens.

Optical Grade Glass

We select only the finest optical grade glass that underwent polishing to achieve the highest possible level of clarity for still images and video. All edges of the optical glass are darken to prevent internal reflection.

Light Weight Aluminium Metal Frame

All filter frame is made of light weight aluminium material and produced individually on precision CNC machine to ensure a perfect fit when mounted on camera lens. Filter frame is anodized in Matt black to prevent stray light reflection.

Wide Range of Filter Diameters

We offer the widest range of direct mount filter diameter ranging from 37mm up to 95mm that are compatible with wide angle Mirrorless camera lens (full frame and APS-C) and DSLR lens with no vignette.

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