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Scenic Wide Lens

Emolux Scenic Auxiliary Lens comprises of a wide range of PRO HD wide lens designed to be mounted on dedicated bayonet mount lens to achieve an ADDITIONAL field of view with superb edge to edge clarity although priced at a fraction of bayonet lens of equivalent focal length. This is achieved by incorporating advanced image technology in the design phase with optical glass manufactured utilizing modern optical glass polishing and coating technologies.

30% to 80% Wider Angle

Scenic auxiliary lens provides an additional 30% to 80% field of view depending on the magnification with superb image clarity from edge to edge without vignette, blurry edges and light loss with no change in f/stop.

Superb Clarity from edge to edge

With our extensive knowledge in optical development and lens specifications, our range of scenic wide lens are designed to meet the high resolution requirement and widen the maximum focal length with superb image sharpness from corner to corner.

Broadband Multi Coating

All optical elements are broadband multi coated to insure maximum light transmission and minimal reflectance to ensure high image clarity that is free from unwanted flare. F/stop is not affected and reflection is below 1%.

Universal Application to Other Brands

Unlike dedicated bayonet mount lens which is brand specific, scenic wide lens can be used on other bayonet lens of different brand of the same filter diameter without affecting the image resolution.

Scenic Auxiliary Lens: Products
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